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Euro Engineering S.r.l.


About us:

Euro Engineering is a company of recent constitution, that boasts an experience of over 30 years of its boss, concerning study, development, assistance and products' realization.

Our offer includes:

  • feasibility studies;

  • estimates of expenditure;

  • basic projects;

  • retail projects;

  • installation, device and piping layouts;

  • structural work and device designs;

  • sprecific processings.

Euro Engineering has its aim in guaranteeing the realization of projects within the limits of the budget and their achievement in the expected periods.

We offer you customer service, assembling service and testing PED service for the sold machineries.
We are at your disposal for the design of new machineries and plants or for studying planning solutions concerning the change of your own machineries and plants.
We also provide a technical service in order to develop projects, to make measuring computations and to design according to the required Italian and International provisions and codes.
Furthermore, we place a high quality and a range of services, that goes from the design of an installation to its final test, at our costumers' disposal.

Euro Engineering carries out mainly three kinds of activities:

  • planning;

  • technical support;

  • realization of the product.

Our society works in the field of the construction of machinaries and manufactured tools for:

  • chemical industry;

  • pharmaceutical chemical industry;

  • food-processing industry;

  • oenological industry;

  • resins for varnish manufacturers.

Euro Engineering is able to design and realize a set of machinaries concerning the different industrial fields listed below::

  • reactor;

  • fermenter;

  • chrystallizer;

  • zymotic;

  • dissolver;

  • plate filter, cartridge screen, spiral screen, sac filter, tube dust filter;

  • press filter;

  • dryer press filter;

  • buchner filter;

  • buchner mixed filter;

  • propeller filter;

  • vacuum-packed dryers for dust;

  • condenser – exchanger – cooler;

  • exhaust dust valves for press filters – valves in special implementation;

  • sifter – cutting chamfer for humid products granulator;

  • latch press filter;

  • magnetic dragging mixers;

  • fast mixers for storage tanks;

  • general mixers;

  • vertical and lateral lumpbreakers for dryers;

  • plants for resin production – pilot plants;

  • dust milling plants for steril environments;

  • hoppers;

  • mills;

  • Bins;

  • Archimedian screws.

We usually work on these materials:

  • carbon steels;

  • stainless steels;

  • Hastelloy.

We are sure that we cought your interest by describing our activity and could be useful to you in order to solve your demands. We are looking forward being conctacted. With our best regards.




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